Town Dish – January 2016
8 Best Stops for Brunch in Wilmington, Delaware – Drip Cafe: In just a few short years, the Lantana Square shining star has birthed a cult-like following. And for good reason. Drip’s version of eggs Benedict is built of a toasted croissant, grilled scrapple, two sunny-side up eggs and cracked pepper hollandaise, making honest work of a true Delaware breakfast.
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Buckley’s Auto Care – August 2015
Addie and Drip Cafe of Hockessin: Another great small business participating in the Delaware burger battle. Say hello to Addie, from Drip Café in Hockessin. She made one heck of a chicken and waffle sandwich for the event.
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Greenville & Hockessin Life Magazine – July 2015
Drip Cafe’s road show is coming to your neighborhood: For those of you who have visited Drip Cafe in the Lantana Square shopping center in Hockessin, you knew this was just a matter of time, right? You knew they were going to get on the bandwagon of where culinary life in America is headed, and you knew that as soon as it left the parking lot, right?
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Denise Marotta Lopes – July 2015
A Tale of Two Shops—Coffee Meets Community: The independent coffee shop has replaced the town square as a community gathering place. And New Castle County, Delaware has two of the finest.
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The News Journal – April 2015
Drip Cafe ready to roll out new food truck: Greg Vogeley didn’t initially dream about opening a restaurant. He was steering his career in the direction of running a food truck. Two years later, Vogeley is now doing both…. Read full article

Our Newark Delaware – April 2015
Drip Café Celebrates 2nd Anniversary With New Food Truck: This past Saturday, Drip Café invited fans and friends to join them in celebrating their two-year anniversary. The anniversary party included live music, cocktails and a mouth-watering selection of finger foods. Highlights included..
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The Town Dish – February 2015
9 Best Restaurants to Visit in Northern Delaware in 2015: Drip owner Greg Vogeley is a ridiculously dedicated coffee enthusiast. If good coffee is the drug, then Vogeley is the dealer. “We source our coffee from small-batch, quality-focused roasters. Currently we are using Ceremony Coffee from Annapolis, MD…”
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Hockessin Community News – October 2014
Business Profile featuring Drip Cafe: Our businesses are the lifeblood of Hockessin. Each one is unique. Each one contributes to make the community a special place.
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delaware online – August 2014
Drip Cafe’s house made black bean burger is served with roasted garlic and avocado spread, fresh spinach, smoky eggplant bacon on a multigrain slider during at the Delaware Burger Battle at Twin Lakes Brewing Company…
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Hockessin Community News – April 2014
Drinkable art draws large crowd at Drip Café. Baristas near and far converged at Drip Café late last week for the area’s first “Latte Art Throwdown.” All were hoping to win bragging rights and the $160 pot but only one could be the winner.
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Out & About Magazine – April 2014
If you visit Drip Cafe in Pike Creek for breakfast, don’t expect to see anyone eating boring bacon and eggs. Instead, you might spot a hash made with kale, bacon, and gold, red and sweet potatoes, all topped with maple syrup and a sunny-side-up egg.
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Hockessin Community News – March 2014
Drip Café owner Greg Vogeley has had the jitters this week. At first glance, someone might think it’s a by-product of his business and that he’s taste-testing every cup before it goes out the door. In truth, he’s just excited about hosting the first “Latte Throwdown” tomorrow night.
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Delaware Today – January 2014
Drip Café Is Serious About Espresso, Cappuccino, and All Things Coffee. This heaven for coffee geeks in the Lantana Square Shopping Center looks at brewing as a science.
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Good Taste
Drip Cafe – Known for: Serious coffee and exceptionally good food, with a rotating menu of beans and pour-over coffee service upon request.
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Taste – October 2013
Taste: Hockessin’s Drip Cafe more than quality coffee. Committed coffee drinkers tend to reward perfection…
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Delaware Today – August 2013
Eat and drink locally at Drip Cafe in Hockessin. The other day I wandered into a coffee shop in Hockessin only to discover that it was no ordinary coffee shop. The Drip Café is a local eatery on a mission to introduce customers to the joy and deliciousness of local eating and sipping…
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Delaware Today – December 2013
Coffee Crazy: When the Columbian-American barista mentions that her baby bottle was filled with coffee on her first birthday, you know you’ve entered heaven for coffee geeks.
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