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Fresh. Local. Sustainable.

These words drive our mission to our customers.  We are surrounded by bountiful harvest and beautiful farmlands, without which we cannot survive.  Drip Café is committed to bringing our customers closer to the source of their food – creating a connection like none other.  Through transparency in business practices, organic farming solutions, and building relationships with the people farming the land, we are able to connect all the levels of the food supply chain on your plate.

Located in Lantana Square in Hockessin, Delaware, Drip Café is a part of your community.  We find strength in our community, serving as a center piece for people coming together to share ideas and fellowship.  We pride ourselves on connecting real people with real food.

Freshness is the key to success.  Through our key partnerships with Farmart, Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-Op, Ceremony Coffee Roasters, and PT’s Coffee Roasting Company, we are able to deliver the freshest ingredients in all of our products.  We are proud to be working with them. From your perfectly brewed French Press coffee to the fresh sandwich made with local ingredients, we want you to experience the best there is to offer in the area. We pride ourselves on sourcing the best local, sustainable ingredients we can find.   We present them to you in a fun, friendly, relaxed environment.

Drip Café knows that great coffee and food can be produced through sustainable methods. We choose to work with farmers who think about the various economic, social, and environmental conditions of their farms and their communities. Sustainable does not have to mean organic, but it sometimes does.  Our mission is to provide fresh, seasonally changing foods that you can feel good about.

We complete the circle by offering a full, single-stream recycling program in our café.  We also compost all of our coffee grounds, filters, and vegetable waste.  These two simple actions greatly reduce our restaurant’s carbon footprint.

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